The Inverted Symbology of the Garden of Eden and the White House

(Originally published on “I don’t care if anyone reads this” Facebook page on January 21st, 2017)

I’m not the first person to talk about how the capital in DC is represented as a womb and the building itself is symbolic of a temple/body. You can Google this research and find a lot of good studies on this. That’s not what I want to talk about. I want to bring up the symbology of what is going on at this inauguration of the President’s. 

I caught this symbology yesterday and I’m sure someone else has written about it. But its obvious that this inauguration is invoking an entity so that afterwards it makes the president the spokesman for this entity to the country. This entity is at the top of the Capitola overlooking the ceremony. She is called Columbia. She also goes by Sophia/Isis/etc. I mentioned this yesterday in the post where Timothy Dolan invokes her and prays to her for wisdom. Here we see the mystical Jesuit side of things. 

Trump came out of the capital to this invocation to only be re-birthed or can I say resurrected. And this just isn’t about Trump. Let me make that clear. Its a ritual and tradition that all the Presidents go through, not just Trump. His seems to be a little different based off of the prayers or invocations prior to his swearing in. With that said, Trump (or all the other presidents prior) after this swearing in are now the spokesman for this entity Columbia for and to the people. Remember in my post yesterday I mentioned that Sophia is the feminine in the celestial or spiritual and is changed to Lucifer in the celestial or in the flesh? This is a excellent example of what’s going on there. The spirit of Columbia is now upon the Presidents at this point. 

So let’s get back to yesterdays inauguration. Trump was sworn in or re-birthed to only then go back through the womb or the capital. He is now represented as a “god” to these occultists at this point and is in this office of “king”. Once he re-enters the womb, he then exits out of the womb to escort the prior POTUS out the Eastern entrance of the Capital facing towards 1st Street. So did you catch that symbolism with the east entrance? Can you see the symbolism of God kicking out Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden after they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

The Presidents are told all the “hidden mysteries” after they have been sworn in. They are told things that we wouldn’t ever want to know. I can be sure of that. This is a form of “blackmail” I guess you could say. Kind of like the Skull and Bones initiation of lying naked in a casket surrounded by men who hear your darkest secrets. Once you hear what your not supposed to hear they got you. It’s been days JFK heard these things and didn’t like what he had heard. This led to his assassination. And this is just speculation by some but it makes a lot of sense. With that said, this is the presidents tree of knowledge of good and evil so to speak. The hidden mysteries. This is part of the symbolism of the garden.

So back to it. Trump is now representing this “god” of these mysteries. He escorts the ex-POTUS out of the east entrance as God did with Adam and Eve (to be fair, scripture didn’t say God “escorted” them out but made them leave). I think all of this is symbolic with the capital being a temple in the form of a body and the ritual of this inauguration connected to Eden. I did notice that not all presidents escort the former presidents out of the east entrance. Obama did it with Bush and Trump did it with Obama. We can see that the torch that was passed changed everything the last 8 years and I think we will see more of the same change in the next 4. 

This is all symbolic of something Biblical with Satan inverting everything God has already done. Yesterday we saw man kicked out of the Luciferian’s garden of Eden.

Departure of outgoing President. (

The departure out of the eastern gate. (

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