The “Great Awakening”…again and again and again…

(This was originally published in November of 2016) (If you feel the affects of 1-3 and your thinking that this is your great awakening, well how do I say it...Your decieved and lost even more than you were. That is called not having Jesus. Oh and you could also call this depression.) I think I'm... Continue Reading →

Jupiter’s Star Child Resurrected

In the 1980's "tiles" stated randomly appearing in the streets across America. They were from "Toynbee" and mentions Stanley Kubricks 2001 movie, resurrected dead and Jupiter. "TOyNBEE IDEA IN KUbricK's 2001 RESURRECT DEAD ON PLANET JUPiTER.'' "In 1983, an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer told of a man named James Morasco who said Toynbee's theory of... Continue Reading →

Jupiter…fractal style

I just came across this from Juno's Mission to Jupiter page. It is the alleged "ultrasound" of Jupiter (from these Christian 9/23 sites) that has been "fractal" photoshopped. Whatever that means. Here is the original. Here is the article along with the picture of Jupiters "fractal" eye or in some cases, the womb.  See Jupiter’s... Continue Reading →

David Bowies black star/sun eclipse

Is the Black Star representing the head of Osiris as the capstone? Is the eclipse on August 21st symbolic of judgement on the United States? The "black sun" keeps popping up everywhere for some reason. There is a group of people who honestly believe that the "black Sun" will be the reason as to why... Continue Reading →

Minute of Silence with Saturn

Can we have a minute of silence for Saturn?  I have mentioned the United Nations 'Together For Peace' that happens on September 21st. This falls on the first day of 5778 on the Jewish calender. But I never mentioned the ceremony that happens 5 days earlier (9/15/17) in New York at the Peace Garden. The... Continue Reading →

The False 9\23 Pillars in the Heavens

I came across something Manly P. Hall wrote in regards to what is called the "World Virgin". She sits or sometimes stands inbetween the two pillars of Jachin and Boaz in Freemasonic pictures. I won't get into it but they get those symbolism from Solomon's Temple that was in Jerusalem. Before I give you some... Continue Reading →

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