The Arch of Triumph now goes to Paris?

Well I can honestly say I didn’t see that coming but evidently in was in one report that slipped by me (see at the end). The IDA has now decided to move the Arch to Paris. It must be going for a visit to its big brother. Arona Mayor Alberto Gusmeroli can’t seem to contain himself in his most recent Facebook post September 26th. It seems Arona will be throwing a huge going away party on Friday September 29th (originally scheduled on the 30th) that he won’t spill the beans on. He says if he did the “Square could not contain the people!” Its on this night for “meteorological reasons”, whatever that means? I don’t know if that is a bad translation, or if he is talking about the weather or if he is talking about something else. Not sure but I’m assuming they are expecting bad weather on the 30th so they have moved it up a day. He then goes on to say that Arona will have another “planetary” event in 2019. That’s still another year away…at least. 

So why is the Arch going to Paris? We know that its a cultural city but why is the question? I was almost sure that they were going to move it to Palmyra Abe they through another curve ball. They are getting awfully secretive of this whole thing and for some reason I can never get any sort of correspondence from them when I contact them. One thing that does catch my attention is the connections I have made with the movie Category 7 and events happening today. In the movie these tornados hit right where the Paris Arch of Triumph is. It just seems like a strange coincidence that this Arch is now going there of all places. And don’t forget how French President Emmanuel Macron said he will govern like Jupiter. Maybe this is a nod to this nut case. They all want to be “Jupiter” so it seems. I don’t see him being anything more than another pawn.

Once the world figures out that there are Conservatives, Liberals and “Jupiterians” it might make everything a little easier to figure out. Either way, they believe this Arch is a messenger of peace and if you need to know why its not, pick up my book on “Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph: Pathway to the Bride of the Desert (End Times Deception Series) (Volume 1)” here at There is so much in his first sentence that he said I think you can figure it out. 5 months a time of testing, veil of sadness and a meessenger of peace next to the nativity. I’ll leave it at that. I’ve went over and connected all this already. No need to beat a dead “peaceful” horse.

​Original post in Italian:

SALUTO ALL’ARCO DI PALMIRA CHE PARTE PER PARIGI CON UNA GRANDISSIMA SORPRESA! – Con un velo di tristezza è arrivato, quasi, il momento di salutare dopo cinque mesi incredibili il “nostro” Arco di Palmira che è stato un grande messaggero di PACE insieme alla Natività in Piazza San Graziano. E’ stato un evento grandioso di cui ne hanno parlato anche giornali che mai avevano parlato di Arona come il Daily telegraph o il Nyt e tutte le maggiori testate italiane ed europee. La serata di saluto all’Arco presentata dalla bravissima giornalista Simona Arrigoni, ricca di musica e artisti, l’anticipiamo per ragioni meteorologiche a Venerdi 29 settembre 2017 alle ore 21.00, stesso programma e STESSA SORPRESA che sarà talmente EMOZIONANTE da non poterla rivelare prima perché viceversa la Piazza non riuscirebbe a contenere la gente! Noi Vi aspettiamo felici di passare un ultimo momento con Voi e l’Arco di Palmira che dopo Londra, New York, Dubai ….ARONA….andrà a Parigi! Perché bisogna sempre PENSARE IN GRANDE per ottenere GRANDI risultati e……possiamo dirVi che stiamo pensando in grande e lavorando ad un altro evento PLANETARIO  per il 2019 che lascerà tutti di stucco!…. (il 2018 ci sarà un ricchissimo Aronairshow del Lago Maggiore) ….come a bocca aperta lascerà il pubblico di venerdi sera la SORPRESA! Vi aspettiamo ad Arona una città dalle mille sorprese! Alberto Gusmeroli Sindaco di AArona

English translation:

WELCOME TO THE PALMIRA LAND PART OF PARIS WITH A GREAT SUCCESS! – With a veil of sadness, it is almost the time to greet, after five months of unbelievable, our “Palmira Arch, who was a great messenger of PACE together with the Nativity in Piazza San Graziano. It was a great event that was also talked about by newspapers that had never talked about Arona like the Daily Telegraph or the Now and all the major Italian and European titles. The evening of greetings to the Arch by the very good journalist Simona Arrigoni, rich in music and artists, we anticipate for meteorological reasons on Friday 29 September 2017 at 9 pm, the same program and STESSA SORPRESA that will be so exciting that it can not be revealed first because on the contrary, the Square could not contain the people! We look forward to spending a last moment with you and the Palmyra Arch after London, New York, Dubai … ARONA … will go to Paris! Why you always have to think GRANDE to get GREAT results and …… we can tell you that we are thinking great and working on another PLANETARY event for 2019 that will leave all of the stucco! …. (2018 there will be a rich Aronairshow of Lake Maggiore) … as open mouth will leave the audience on Friday evening the SORPRESA! We are waiting for you in Arona a city with a thousand surprises! Alberto Gusmeroli Mayor of Arona

“September 29, the ceremony that will officially close the stand of Palmira Arco’s 3D reproduction in Arona before going to Paris. Initially the evening was scheduled for Saturday 30, but was anticipated due to uncertain weather forecasts. In the Piazza San Graziano, the Aron Philharmonic Orchestra, the Choir of the Comprehensive Institute “Giovanni XXIII”, the Sopranos Gabriella Selvaggio and the singer Matilde Mirotti will perform on the 21st. To conduct the evening, Simona Arrigoni of 7 Gold. In closing, a surprise show. (NC)” (

News reporter Simona Arrigoni (who is clothed with the Sun) will be the hostess for the final evening

Moving Forward, Saturday 29 April 2017 – Saturday 30 September 2017

Reproduction of the Ark of Palmira is accompanied by an important exhibition that will be an instrument for deepening the shared cultural heritage of Rome in Italy, but also in the Middle East, whose arch is traceable at the same time with a look towards the future , will highlight the technology at the service of reconstruction, either due to human acts or calamitous events.

Inauguration Saturday 29 April 2017 at 20.30

Every evening from 21.30 to 24.00 show of lights and music on the facades of the palaces of the square and on the Arch every 20 minutes until 31 July.

From 1 August to 30 September 2017 , Arco will still give visitors a pleasant new look with a new static night light that will change color every two weeks according to the following calendar: Thursday, August 24, Thursday 7 September, Thursday 21 September. This new set-up is offered by the sponsor: Easyway sas service audio video lights Baveno, light designer Andrea Palamara.

Reproduction will stay in Arona for another two months until September 30th » Thursday, July 13, 2017 – Press Release City of Arona

Arona: The 50,000 charge for the Arch of Palmira 

Presence Record on the Lake Maggiore town to see the prestigious 3D reconstruction that will remain in Arona two months longer than expected before be transferred to Paris.

That Arona’s summer would be animated by the presence of the 3D reconstruction of the Palmar Palm had been planned and strategically designed. Nobody, however, was expecting the record turnout that, after only two months of the inauguration, reached 50,000 seats in Piazza San Graziano, of which 22,000 visited the nearby Civic Museum entitled Archaeologist Khaled Asaad, marking the highest number of entries from its opening. 

This success convinced IDA’s Responsible Institutes for Digital Archeology in Oxford, promoters of the worldwide initiative, to leave the Arco in Italy two months longer than expected, until then at the end of September , when reproduction starts at Paris .” (

On Saturday, September 30, at 9 pm  , the Greetings Ceremony at the Arch is held .” (

After five months the Arch of Palmira leaves Lake Maggiore and flies to Paris

Re-built by the Institute for Digital Archaeology in Oxford with the Torar of Carrara, it was the heart of cultural and musical events, boosting tourism in the city


Arona greets the Arch of Palmira: after five months the 3D reproduction of the monument-symbol of the Syrian archaeological site destroyed by the militia of Isis, leaves the city on Lake Maggiore to Paris. Re-built by Oxford Institute for Digital Archeology with the Torar of Carrara, a symbol of peace among peoples, has been the heart of cultural and musical appointments and has increased the number of tourists in the city. 

“Arona in recent months has been a messenger of peace in the world,” says mayor Alberto Gusmeroli. The archaeological museum of the city, where a theme exhibition was set up, was named after Khaled al-Asaad, archaeologist-guardian of Palmyra killed by jihadist militants. On Saturday, September 30, the last day when the Arch will stay on Lake Maggiore, the City has organized a closing ceremony that has the outline of the party: at 21 opening music with the New Aron Philharmonic, the choir of the institute Giovanni XXIII directed by Marino Mora, voice of tenor Giorgio Casciarri and young singer Matilde Mirotti who wrote the song “Damascus”. Then the interventions of those who made it possible for a small town to host the Arc of Palmira:  (

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