Smart Meters=Smart Fires

First Santa Rosa. Now we have Santa Clarita. This recent fire is called the Thomas fire because the fire started at St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Jesuit School. Thomas means twin. We now have California twins Northern California and Southern California being set ablaze. These two seperate fires seem to have the same m.o., some... Continue Reading →

A Magical Holiday in the Upside Down

Parallel universe, black holes and cave. It sounds like a episode of the German series DARK but it's actually a new H&M Christmas commercial. Even t.v. commercials aren't hiding anything anymore. And it features the "wholesome" Nicki Minaj. Remember her recent "Paper" magazine cover that featured her as three different women in a pornographic provocative... Continue Reading →

Nimrod Becoming Amrâphel 

So I started thinking about how names were changed when people came into covenant or relationship with God. We see it first with Abram becoming Abraham and Sarai becoming Sarah. During this same time frame, there was a guy named Nimrod. Scripture says he "became" a gibburim or mighty hunter before the Lord. Another name... Continue Reading →

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