A few stories in April…

The new 7up commercial reppin’ Shiva the destroyer is out. Some believe 7up represents the Pleiades or the seven sisters and some believe it represents the 7 chakras.

“In the beginning, 7Up contained seven main components, including the anti-depressant ‘lithium citrate’ which has atomic mass 7. In addition, the drink was bottled in 7 ounces bottles. It’s not a coincidence that we can observe exactly seven wandering stars along the night sky (7 Above/Up), associated with the seven chakras in our body (7 Below). According to old traditions, secret doctrines and religions, we are meant to work all seven up until enlightment/awakening is achieved.” (https://www.7men.nl/en/hidden-occult-meaning-symbolism-logo-design-food-drinks-brands/)

Shiva had a son named Kartikeya. His name means “him of the Pleiades”
“Kartikeya (Skanda): is the Hindu god of masculinity and warfare – he is the leader of the armies of the gods. Born out of a magical spark created by Shiva, his name means “him of the Pleiades”. (Indian)” (http://www.pleiade.org/pleiades_02.html)

Paul Fryer is an “artist”. He does different kinds of “art”. He has done blasphemous images of “Jesus”, Metatron, Lilith and in 2014 he did Lucifer. He is the antithesis of the Apostle Paul as his last name says it all. Before I get to the article I want to point out that he put Lucifer in wires. When I looked at this image I could see the symbolism of how wickedness was being personified in Lucifer and being held in power lines. It goes back to demonic entities in electronics. Even though this particular statue was in 2014, it resonates today with Quantum Computing, 5G and The Internet of Things.

The other thing I want to mention is Lucifer being held in wires that are similar to a puppet on strings. When I had gotten saved I had a lot of dreams. God showed me that some of them were from the enemy but he showed me that He was in control, regardless of the situation. In a dream He showed me a monkey in my front yard with strings on him like a puppet. Je said that He was in control of all things, including Satan (who was represented as a monkey on strings). I guess this image from Paul Fryer was a reminder of that.

Here is the article:

“The Holy Trinity Church in Marylebone, Westminster, built specifically to celebrate the defeat of Napoleon, hasn’t been used as a place of worship since the 30’s, but that didn’t stop artist Paul Fryer from making a religious statement by hanging this terrifying statue of Satan inside. The piece, titled “Lucifer (Morningstar)” is a wax sculpture depicting the devil snared in a set of power lines. The statue is equal parts grotesque and beautiful, showing Lucifer as an oily, black creature with immense white wings (created from real feathers). Even creepier in the fact that it’s lit via the church’s stained glass windows, an ironic juxtaposition that won’t be lost on many.” (https://roadtrippers.com/stories/this-statue-of-lucifer-might-be-the-creepiest-art-installation-ever-1)


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