Order Out of Chaos in Jordan

A few interesting storys on Jordan.

June 5th

Pay attention. Think about Daniel 11:20. And look at the picture I put in the comments. Out of all the pictures they could have used of Omar al-Razzaz they picked that one (which was probably just a still of him moving). He is doing the Masonic hidden hand.

“Jordan’s King Abdullah tasked a former World Bank economist on Tuesday with forming a new government and called for broad talks on a planned income tax law that has provoked the country’s biggest protests in years.

The king appointed Harvard-educated Omar al-Razzaz after accepting Hani Mulki’s resignation as prime minister, attempting to defuse public anger over IMF-driven reforms.”


June 8th

It’s kinda funny that the image looks like there are 4 cups of wrath being poured out at the four corners of the earth with a canopy of stars overhead. This is happening in Jordan for Ramadan. “From Arabic رَمَضَان‎ (ramaḍān), “From اِرْتَمَضَ‎ (irtamaḍa, “to be consumed by grief and sorrow”). Compare رَمَض‎ (ramaḍ, “parchedness, scorchedness”) and رَمْضَاء‎ (ramḍāʾ, “sun-baked ground”)”, from اِرْتَمَضَ‎ (irtamaḍa, “to be consumed by grief and sorrow”).”

“Abdali Boulevard comes alive with Ramadan spirit activities”, “The Arabesque Nights” were set up to “reflect the warmth and beauty of the holy month by creating enchanting Ramadani vibes at the promenade”, said Marketing Officer at the Boulevard Jude Al Fayez. ” (http://www.jordantimes.com/news/local/abdali-boulevard-comes-alive-ramadan-spirit-activities)

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