Operation Chinese Takeover

I don’t think people realize this Chinese/American struggle that is going on right now. The CCP is behind a lot of the discord that we are seeing now. Is it coincidence that Trump calls this the “Chinese Virus” every chance he gets?

Is it a coincidence that Trumps 300 million doses of a Warp Speed vaccine turns into 600 million, when the Chinese announce to make 610million doses by the end of the year. Is a pissing contest.

But you know who is already bought out by Communist China? Newsom. Remember his 2 billion dollar mask deal with the leading electric car manufacturer in the world. BYD or Build Your Dreams had suddenly turned into a mask maker as well as cars. But BYD not only works for the CCP, but they work with Huawei. Yep. They merge military and civilian tech together.

They also team up with CRRC. This firm also specializes in rail ways ie trains. Remember California’s high speed rail that died then suddenly came back to life. I’m sure you could thank the Chinese for that.

Back to BYD. Did you realize that they have an electric car manufacturer in Lancaster? Did you realize they made the busses for not only LAX but for schools and transits? All electric. Remember the 3 electric bus fire at LAX right before Christmas that was just explained away as an “electrical fire”?

Now to our present day. Newsom signed a bill to get rid of all gas emission cars by 2035 just a few days ago. Do you think this was his idea? Nope. The CCP has a a policy called China Standard 2035 and guess what its focus is? Transportation. Smart electric cars via smart grids on their Internet of EVERYTHING. This is why Newsom wants change by 2035. His CCP comrades are pushing the buttons of California. The Chinese own California. That is unfortunate and this is why Newsom is so brazen with shutting down everything. He is a communist dictator that is only here to do their bidding.

If you doubt anything I say, look up the testimony of Emily de La Bruyere in March of this year in front of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.

Oh yeah, this China Standard 2035 has a major player in…BYD. They are here to Build Our Dreams.

Have you ever seen Operation Warp Speeds logo? The cgi model of corona in a CUBE with “3 tubes” going in one side and 5 stars coming out the either. It reminded me of Floyd’s pyramid prism cover for Dark Side of the Moon. The back cover actually has the same direction as the cube

Dark Side of the Moon is a concept album that discusses the philosophical and physical ideas that can lead to a person’s insanity, and ultimately an unfulfilled life.

This prism or pyramid represents their “third eye”. It is not the color tray comes into the “eye” it is the black void that it leads to. You see this in their full album cover where they have the divine feminine triangle connecting to their divine masculine triangle. As above so below, as within so without.

This is what the OWS logo reminds me of. Their crowning achievement is not the prism but the CORONA in the CUBE of Saturn. As Pink Floyd puts it, it will lead to a person’s insanity.

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