Utopia: a blueprint

I may go through this series again and break it down. I do believe it is coded as the series is also coded. By far the best show I've seen that has predictive programming on this "virus/pandemic" and what has gone on. Mind blowing really. This scene was the last 15 minutes of the series... Continue Reading →

Operation Chinese Takeover

I don't think people realize this Chinese/American struggle that is going on right now. The CCP is behind a lot of the discord that we are seeing now. Is it coincidence that Trump calls this the "Chinese Virus" every chance he gets? Is it a coincidence that Trumps 300 million doses of a Warp Speed... Continue Reading →

The “Eleventh” Red Heifer

I have written in the past about what I'm going to say here again. Yes, I will beat this dead horse or in this case, cow. mention this in my book and I also mention it here in a more recent article. Jews believe Daniel 12:10 is strictly about the burning of the red heifer.... Continue Reading →

The Capstone (Head) of the Pyramid (Body)

This all relates to them harvesting fear and confusion from people for these demonic entities. Trump said they have a few "final steps" left to do. The capstone of a pyramid is the pyramidion. "The small pyramid which CROWNS or completes an obelisk or pyramid." It comes from the Latin pyramis. Pyramis comes from Ancient... Continue Reading →

Trump, Plege and the Magician

This is part of the October Trump post but I couldn't add it there for some reason. Right on schedule. His twitter handler called it a PLAGUE. This will get Leeland Jones Christians all excited that Trump is the Revelation 13 first beast of the sea. Anyone who uses correct exegesis can figure out what... Continue Reading →

Trump and the Meteor

This is part of the October Trump post but I couldn't add it there for some reason. So I didn't think much about the meteor in Ohio on September 30th until all of the White House has now claimed they got corona and are quarantined. The meteor was seen at 6:24 am on the morning/day... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Candidate

So I recently came across the Libertarian Party candidate party. It screams Liberty goddess divine feminine all of it. The scenario of a now down Trump and Pence may be taking over is a strange scenario. Pence is worse than Trump in my opinion. So here is a few things I want to look at.... Continue Reading →

WordPress Sucks

I'm trying to add things on WordPress from my phone and everything isn't working. I go to my computer and it crashes. If it disappears suddenly, you know why.

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