Being drawn to community…like the first church

Lately (in the last few months) I've been drawn back to the book of Acts and to read about the first century church. This has led me to read about the communal church as a whole. There is such a contrast to the modern day Sunday church to those who are being called out by... Continue Reading →

The Fourth Gospel?

Honestly, after researching who wrote what by inspiration from the Spirit of God, I am sold that Lazarus authored the fourth gospel called John. John actually edited and finished the book after the death of Lazarus. John was the nephew of Lazarus and the son of Martha (Lazarus sister). This is a historical fact.I do... Continue Reading →

We are just camping…

Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims... This is from 1 Peter 2:11. I read this and it made me think. We are to be in this world but not of this world. Our Kingdom is not of this world like Jesus told Pilate. We are basically full time campers if you want... Continue Reading →

The Culmination of the Mark

When I tell people that the mark, name and number started after the ascension of Jesus and the first church, who absolutely dealt with it and we are still dealing with the same thing today, people just look at me cockeyed. Here is simplest terms. I'm no different than I was when I was 1... Continue Reading →

A Thought on Adam’s Sin

Essentially Adam's sin was idolatry of self. He poo pooed what God had instructed him to do and thought that he knew better than God. Satan essentially said, "just be yourself". Heard that before? You become what you worship, and worshipping self leads to you being more like yourself. Jesus tells us to deny self... Continue Reading →

Jill Jacobs and Purim

Being that Purim is literally around the corner, I thought it may be fitting to show you a strange connection here to Joe Biden's wife, Jill Jacobs. I've shown you already how there is a strong possibility that Jill may be the one signing J.R.Biden on these Executive Orders (which is actually a stamp of... Continue Reading →

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